The market demand is strong, and the potential of automatic labeling machine is unlimited
Release Time: 2022-06-13
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Compared with developed countries, China's food machinery industry started late and rose rapidly after the reform and opening up. For decades, through the introduction of foreign advanced technology and equipment, independent development and other ways, the development of China's food machinery industry has made significant progress, which can be seen from the automatic labeling machine. In recent years, sales in the imported food market have continued to rise, and these goods are generally labeled with a clear label on the packaging. At present, the intelligent era of packaging machinery has arrived, and the automatic labeling machine has also arrived, and with the rapid operation, high efficiency, cost savings for enterprises and other factors have become an indispensable part of modern packaging.

With the development of the economy and the improvement of people's living standards, each commodity in circulation needs to indicate the date of production, shelf life and other relevant information. Product identification is a way to reflect product information. Automatic labeling machine is a machine that attaches self-adhesive labels to products. It not only has good results, but also enables tracking and management of product sales. Especially in the pharmaceutical, food and other industries, if there is an abnormal situation, the product recall mechanism can be activated accurately and in a timely manner. At present, many regions in China are carrying out the construction of food safety traceability system. It is conceivable that the demand for automatic labeling machines in the industry market will be growing day by day in the future, with huge development space and potential.

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