Market demand stimulates the development of the industry, and the development potential of automatic corner labeling machines is unlimited
Release Time: 2022-06-13
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Labeling is an important part of the production process of food, daily chemicals, electronics, medicine and other industries, in order to display the information of the product in front of the customer through labeling. With the development of science and technology and the continuous changes in consumer market demand, we have begun to put forward higher requirements for labeling equipment, the stronger the functionality, the better, the simpler the operability, the better. Stimulated by the strong demand of the market, today's product labeling can be carried out in both manual and mechanical ways. Among them, many enterprises tend to use fully automatic corner labeling machines with better effect and speed when labeling cartons. Automatic corner labeling machine is mainly used in mask boxes, medicine boxes, poker, electronic product packaging boxes and other product corners to attach sealing anti-demolition labels, play an anti-demolition role, up to 8 16-sided labels! The automatic corner labeling machine is firm and not easy to fall off. When the automatic corner labeling machine labels the goods, the flat part of the label, the roller roller oversizing the label is firmly attached, the side plane part, and the brush is pressed firmly. Automatic corner labeling machine in different products and label sizes, labeling speed up to 100 ~ 150 pieces / min, much favored by major production enterprises.


At present, the intelligent era of packaging machinery has arrived, and the automatic corner labeling machine is also the same, and with the rapid operation, high efficiency, cost savings for enterprises and other factors have become an indispensable part of modern packaging. With the development of the economy and the improvement of people's living standards, each kind of circulating commodity needs to indicate the production date and shelf life and other relevant information, the label is the carrier of information, and the labeling of goods is the way to achieve it. The automatic corner labeling machine is used for labeling at the corner of the box, and the machine that plays an anti-demolition role not only has an aesthetic role, but more importantly, it can achieve rapid labeling while ensuring the labeling effect and accuracy. In daily life, many goods use boxes as packaging materials. It is conceivable that in the future, the market for automatic corner labeling machines in China's market will also increase day by day, and the development space and potential are huge. Demand stimulates industrial development, innovation drives industrial upgrading, China's labeling machine from scratch, from manual, semi-automatic, to automated high-speed, to a certain extent reflects the entire packaging machinery industry development process, but also highlights china's automation equipment industry under the automatic corner labeling machine has immeasurable potential and prospects.


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