Full Automatic Mask Machine One With One Production Line

  • A machine serves several purposes, we can produce various flat body masks through replacing the mold.

  • It has the characteristics of good stability, high productivity, durable and beautiful.

  • According to the demand, it can be selected to connect the outer earloop welding machine, inner earloop welding machine, bandage mask making machine.

  • The machine has high degree of automation. It aslo can maximum to save the worker costs.

Product Name:  Full Automatic Mask Machine One With One Production Line
Ultrasonic System:  15/ 20KHz
Power:  7KW
Air Pressure:  6 kg/ cm²
Efficiency:  60 - 80 pieces/ min
Power Supply:  220V
Weight:  About 3500kg
Size:  4500mm * 3500mm * 2000mm

Flat Mask Body Making Machine

The machine is used for the production of mask piece, the body adopts high quality aluminum alloy material, the appearance is exquisite. The panel adopts hardening treatment, PLC microcomputer control, adopts automatic tension system, and runs more stably. This machine is one of the most commonly used automatic production mask body of state owned customers, including automatic feeding, aluminum belt insertion, loading, folding, hemming, ultrasonic dissolution, slicing and other full process automation, the best speed per minute can reach 120-200 pieces.

  • the material is solid, the whole machine adopts industrial aluminum profile frame, and the supporting plate is made of aluminum material;

  • spare parts adopt CNC precision machining, the surface adopts electroplating, anode treatment, the appearance is exquisite, not rusty, durable, beautiful atmosphere;

  • man-machine interface operating system, automatic counting, according to the actual adjustment of the actual production speed, simple operation;

  • Adjust the width of tension of the manual tension controller, thus the finished appearance flatness effectively;

  • independent nasal line device system, can automatically adjust the length of the bridge nose, easy adjustment, simple maintenance.

The whole machine parameters are as follows:
Product Name:  AS-FZDPJ
Machine size: L2660*H1650mm*W600mm (including conveying rack)
Driving mode:  Stepping motor
Control panel: HMI (touch panel) and button
Voltage: 220V
Air pressure: No need for air pressure
Output:   100-200 slices per minute
Power: 3KW
Ultrasonic power:  1500W*1
Ultrasonic frequency:  15KHz
Weight of the whole machine: 500KG

Flat Mask Full Automatic Earloop Welding Machine

    The features of Flat mask full automatic earloop welding machine:
  • The machine has high degree of automation, is controlled by the PLC programming.

  • No deformation during producing process. It aslo can maximum to reduce material wasting.

  • The products are beautiful and comfortable.

  • Through the profiling structure to ensure the face mask is not dislocated, the welding spot is accurate.

Product Name: Flat mask full automatic earloop welding machine
Model:  AS-FZKE
Ultrasonic System:  20KHz
Power:  3KW
Air Pressure:  6 kg/ cm²
Efficiency:  40 - 50 pieces/ min
Power Supply:  220V
Weight:  500kg


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